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    I have been taking hyrdolysed beef based collagen for a number of years and it has always been very helpful. Helps clear my skin, keep me energetic, and prevents me from starving and losing muscle mass. I’ve taken a few types over the years but most recently I’ve been having Great Lakes Collagen.

    They are a respectable brand so you’d think they would handle any issues professionally especially after being a long time customer but no. By this point, I know collagen can tastes slightly different in each batch i.e thickness, feeling and to some extent taste. But the most recent box of collagen I bought was absolutely disgusting in taste and limited in effect.

    It had a very bitter (almost metallic) taste and really not sure if it is helping in the same way as it used to. Fair enough I thought, it happens. But since I’ve bought quite a few units this batch I have a feeling they are similar and a try the next one – same awful taste.

    Long story short, I ask for a refund or replacement for the multiple bottles I bought the last time (only 2 are opened). They say they cannot because all their collagen is the same. I can clearly tell the difference but they deny it and dont even offer a solution. That’s a few hundred dollars worth of (useless) collagen.

    Will never buy from them again and switching back to my old supplier.



    Sorry to hear you had that experience :(:(
    Surprising they did not even try to resolve.



    Major douchey move. How is a regular refund not even possible if you havent opened the product though?



    It’s because it has been longer than 30 days now, which is ridiculous since I shouldn’t have to test something I’ve been buying for so long at the risk they haven’t done their job properly



    Yeah I mean that isnt very fair or moral on their part but still legal i guess. Thats why we have these forums so we can let people make an informed choice.


    Terra Wortman

    This stuff seems to trigger a reaction like an MSG allergy in me. Apparently the glutamic acid concentration is high and it can cause that in some people.

    They had NOT made this clear on their product page and as a result I suffered the consequences and could not return either.



    Noooo. I like this brand of collagen and I’m allwaaayyyss using it. Don’t tell me bad news about it lol.

    I kknow what you mean with the taste though sometimes it has a strong aftertaste.


    I don’t know about the rules in the USA but that sounds like something that would go against trading standards or some kinds of law. Did you end getting your funds back?



    LOL dude whats up with your username? It takes a whole three lines when I’m looking through my mobile that I thought it was spam haha.

    And yes i think its a grey area especially since it was internationally ordered. Nonetheless after a few more serious (And threatening) phone calls, they came around. Glad they chose to settle this like adults but I still stand by this negative review.


    Sorry that was my Reddit name and I use it across everything lol.
    Good to hear though!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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