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    hi guys,

    just wanted to review the Belgravia centre as a friend and I both went to this place and used their free consultation option to see what we can do for our hair situation.

    The way they were presenting this information about experts on hair loss was as if they knew all about hair loss and how to help stop it, or slow it down, and in some cases even regrow it, but I am sad to say, this is just another BS centre.

    They basically will recommend the same two or three products that you can buy online anyway, and pretend that they are hair doctors when in reality, all that information is already present online and their prescription is exactly the same…

    and they like to use FDA as an approval system for products that work, when in reality FDA is not there for products that work, but just to measure safety of the product.

    I just want to say, the products they recommend are minoxidil, finasteride and so on – one simply has to google the side effects, and its crazy why people even take this, as results are very short term, but side effects are permanent even after you stop taking them.

    I wanted to post there here in hopes that it will help others make a better decision on what to do with their hair loss situation and not be misguided just to make a sale.



    sorry to hear that. did you end up spending any money with them?

    i guess that’s how some businesses have become.



    Belgravia is just a different business model. they will try to diagnose, but the problem is always the same obviously, and will prescribe minoxidil which can already be bought off the shelf for 10 times cheaper.

    and they use their article posts on their website to downplay other natural methods, like oiling hair or scalp massage or shampoos that could help contribute to better hair growth quality.



    I thought it was obvious that’s what they do and people go to them just for convenience instead of researching more on hair loss.

    but I agree how FDA approved stuff is over-rated and does not mean it works at all.



    i think its obvious they do just that anyway.

    i mean they only talk about minoxidil and finasteride so highly, and dismiss other products or methods.

    its like saying, come to our shop for free, and then buy haha :P



    i went to them last year, and was told to go on the drugs, which i refused. was nice to go and see and talk to someone about it, but that’s about it for me; if you can’t help, being nice doesn’t mean anything to me.



    I know I’m late to the party, but these hair clinics are absolute BS.

    They just use sales tactics to get you on the standard drugs for hair loss which you can get yourself anyway, but with an added fee for their ‘consultation’. A scamy business.

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