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    anyone heard of this company in london?

    Any reviews possible if you have used them?

    there website is as follows:





    yeah they are based in central London.

    But it seems they just call you in for consultation to be able to then sell you the 2 or 3 drugs that are sold over the counter at premium prices by them.

    I don’t know if they have actual doctors or just sales people trying to sell you, but it’s worth having a look if you want to for hair loss, just don’t buy anything, and get a consultation.

    That said, we already had a couple bad reviews about them in this forum, please search it and see for yourself.



    don’t bother with belgravia, they just use that method to hook you into them with a free consultation and then just sell you the same 2-3 worthless products that will mess your hair up.

    just because they are pharmaceutical products, the government doesn’t stop them, so they can sell to anyone within reason and make it look like they are doctors which i doubt.



    I been to their centre and i didn’t find it helpful personally speaking as I already know about minoxidil and finasteride and those are not effecting for hair problems, in fact are dangerous drugs which should be banned in my opinion.



    Belgravia really just has become a brand. They came into the hair loss market early and knew things which are common knowledge today.

    I think its still worth checking out to see the options if you are suffering from severe hair loss :)



    Thanks @Kylie, I did end up going for a consultation (about a year back lol!). Went through minoxdil and eventually got a hair transplant. They were useful with the info they gave on transplants though, for sure!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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