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    Hi! I’m new to the Uke scene and wanted some recommendations on brands. Tbh I already bought a deviser uke as it looked really cool but I’m not sure if it actually is.

    I googled it later and found out its a Chinese brand(?) so kinda disappointed I paid as much as I did for it.

    What should I look at for ina good uke?



    Yeah Deviser is a chinese brand but not all its models are bad, some are actually good quality. i have one myself but I don’t use it much anymore.
    Mahalo is pretty popular and for good reason.
    I’d say you need to look out for quality of strings and wood, the rest is fairly easily replicated.



    Every ukulele has their own uniqueness to it. For one, size matters lol. The bigger ones provide a deeper, whole sound, sounding more like a guitar and used for concerts.

    The woods from Hawaii where the instruments originate from are though to be the highest quality ones, hence sells the best ukuleles too.

    There is plenty of info out there.



    I don’t know about Deviser, seems like an unknown brand.

    Try Mahalo, Kamaka or Luna.


    Dessie Duck

    I think a lot of it is personal choice. In my 5 years of playing I have found little difference between the normal priced ones and super high end ones. Plenty of youtube videos show the comparison too.
    But some styles are more comfortable and the sound varies slightly which usually the player can tell.


    Dessie Duck

    Deviser is good, it doesn’t really matter if you are starting off, it just might have been shame if you overpaid. Just get used to playing first and then you can tell the difference yourself.



    I would also say that it is down to personal choice. I’ve been playing for a few years and aside from the weight and feel of the wood, i dont notice much difference in the sound.

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