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    An awesome power bank portable charger!
    I bought this off amazon thinking, ok not a big name or popular brand but very good number of charges (almost 8 times for iphone 6) and fast charging, not too highly priced compared to others.
    I was pleasantly surprised I have to say, it ended up doing all those things and even after a months hasn’t deteriorated in performance.

    One issue is it is bulky! The size and weight are by no means convenient to put in your pocket. Then again, when times are tough and there is no charger I wouldn;t mind. Saved my life a few times.

    The other thing is it takes ages to recharge to max. I guess its obvious since it has a large capacity. So I have to leave it on charge the whole night before to max it.

    All in all, good product!



    lol completely different to my experience. Maybe because mine was faulty but it only lasted me a few uses before the battery never fully charged again. Only charged at 1 out of 4 bars.



    Same here, stopped working really fast for me!

    Are you sure you got this one right?



    Yes that is the one! I’m shocked both of you had similar bad experiences, perhaps the ones you bought were faulty? I hope amazon refunded you.



    I agree! Good charger but heavy and takes ages to charge itself.
    I carry it around as my back up battery so not a big deal for me.



    I don’t have this specific brand but I feel its just a generic amazon one. Some are reliable I must admit but I’d rather pay slightly more if it means that it is lightweight and wont die on me.



    Takes absolutely AGES to charge!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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