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    I just myself an iphone X as an early xmas present and wanted to share with you guys what I thought about it. Let me just say first off I don’t use it for business or work, just for personal use. Which is why I found the TALKING EMOJI the absolute coolest feature lol.
    Good design, sleek, faster, higher quality – pretty much the usual stuff you expect from an updated iphone. Though nothing like the jumps from 3 to 4 or 4 to 5.
    Has anyone got it?


    Francisco Selby

    Android Master Race. Overpriced piece of tech imo, why pay that much especially if no useful features?



    Why do android users have this superiority complex? like vegans or feminists. lol
    I literally just like the phones design and its easy enough for me to use, what your problem?



    I stopped buying apply a few years ago because of that same reason but glad you liked it! I hate the samsung vs apple wars because its like, they both sell friggin expensive phones and they are getting their customer to fight for them. It is just a phone after all.


    Irene Carbone

    I got mine ordered and should be with me tomorrow. Have you tried the virtual reality feature? I’m always wondering how realistic that would look.
    To be honest I already had an upgrade due and it looked pretty.



    Yeah I’ve played around with it a bit, it is unique. I’d suggest you buy a cover for it though straightaway seeing how fragile these things have become (all glass).



    I don’t understand why its always samsung vs apple, there are tons of other good brands out there that don’t empty your pockets and still have good features.

    I’ve bought iphones 3 to 6 but had to stop because hardware quality was just too poor. The new korean brands like huawei have got me now.



    As with every iphone release, here is a video of it being dropped from 1000 feet. You should definitely review this ;)



    Yeahhh no thanks. I’m good. I don’t want to literally burn a thousand dollars right before my eyes.



    *grabs popcorn*

    Oh how I love these meaningless iphone vs samsung debates.

    I myself have JCB phone; indestructible, great features, infra red camera and hardware worth paying for – BOOM.



    Just thought I’d way on this andriod vs apple debate in light of the news that come out not to long ago. APPLE SLOWS DOWN THEIR PHONES!
    A company like that should be forever blacklisted.


    Pav Rai

    Yoo, it was to accommodate for the newer updates and functionality, they had to slow it down. Every company pulls this stuff, apple just got caught

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