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    Karla Toomer

    I’ve been using Missha products for a few years now and most recently the Missha Time Revolution cream for wrinkles and anti-ageing. I have a few prominent lines on my forehead I was trying to lighten and after about 5 weeks I did notice it go down! :)
    BUT, and a big but here, using it anywhere else on my face (like on my crow feet) did very little.
    The worst part is that it actually made the area applied it to slightly red and itchy, so I don’t know if its related to my skin type or its the cream?
    Anyone else having this issue?


    Dannielle Pendley

    I bought a 150ml bottle of that a while back and it did absolutely nothing. Literally nothing, no negative or positive effect, literally felt like i was applying water – waste of money for me..



    This is disheartening, I wanted to buy one!!

    I’ve emailed their support to ask them about that skin reaction, it may just be your skin type as I don’t notice anyone else online mentioning that. Glad to hear it helped the wrinkles on your forehead, would you have before/after pictures if you don’t mind sharing?


    Karla Toomer

    I wouldn’t say it was a waste of money for me because it did actually help a little.

    @Cala I didn’t take any before pics sorry :(
    Let me know what they come back with because I did see some amazon reviews mentioning that.



    Apparantly this is the newer more intensive one? I have been using the old one for months and found it to be a great product (little pricey though)


    Karla Toomer

    Yep- think its like a new and improved version of it.



    @Dan oh yes you have to read their terms of conditions thoroughly. Sucks you get screwed tho dude, they could have still done it as a gesture of good will



    I would but I just never considered that there could be such an excessive term that makes you pay for the whole damn year. So uncooperative too.


    sophia shahid

    I found it ok and there was no reaction on my skin. I wouldn’t buy it again because the effect isn’t worth the money for me. Bet I could do what it did with facial exercises and drinking more water lol



    I got this for my birthday last week (self purchase)! Skin feeling smooth and I’m liking the way things are going now. Though you guys have scared me about breaking out, I’ve left my teenage years behind for a while…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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