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    amina chan

    I purchased this product at my local Boots store, for a bargain value of £5.49. I have quite dark hair and compared to the other products available, the panels on this particular box claimed my hair would reach the same vibrant red as was offered to lighter coloured hair by other products. I thought this would save me having to bleach my hair before dying- which would have caused more damage.

    I must admit, as this was my first time dying, I was quite naive and after following the directions on the leaflet so carefully- the end outcome was not as advertised! The colour was closer to brown than red and only appeared red in brighter lights! Not to mention that this so called permanent colour faded within the first 3/4 weeks despite me using a colour protective shampoo…

    I was very disappointed by this result, and really would not recommend the product to anyone with dark hair at all, and probably not anyone with lighter hair either, given its very short term ‘permanent’ effects!

    hope this review saves someone else some unnecessary hassle!


    Lady Tsunade

    I’ve also used this product recently. The above user is very right, the low price is really quite tempting when buying hair dye, especially if you’ve not tried a lot of other dyes in the past.. I’ve actually got naturally blonde hair and do dye fairly regularly. My main criticism of this product is the high levels of peroxide that have been more damaging to my hair than other, more expensive brands. The color was perfect though. All I can say is, you get what you pay for.. so don’t expect amazing things with anything under a tenner.


    amina chan

    yes, agreed, in hindsight under a tenner is probably asking for trouble. just purchased the loreal Preference Feria Scarlet Intense Red, so will try that and let you know results :D



    This hair colour gave me ITCHY hair, but i’m allergic to a lot of different types of hair colour and was badly looking for an alternative.

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