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    i’ve been using the taoist soap for 2 weeks and wanted to update my results here. I have applied this on my scalp and also my face 3 times a week. rest i washed my face with cold water and also hair and scalp with cold water. my hair seems much thicker and strongly rooted as i am not experiencing as much hair falling as before. only about 3-5 hairs per day compared to chunks before using.

    i must say, the cold water rinse, at least whenever i remember it, helps a lot. compared to just rinsing with normal to warm water.

    i was also told to avoid hard water to use with the soap, as it won’t be as effective. if you have hard water in your house, you can use other water to wash off the soap as it does make a difference. i know because my aunt’s house is hard water and when i went to stay there for the weekend, it was different. i still prefer the soft water, but this is for all soaps and shampoos.



    good review.

    I always talk about the soap to my skin clients. it helps them a lot but you are right about using it with soft water is best.



    hey, what kind of regime did you have with the soap? did you do anything else alongside use of it? like supplements or other things?



    softwater use with soap is always best…. it allows the mixture of the soap and water to occur…. so that the soap can do its job.



    yes, cold water rinses are great for hair. and also if you do organic vinegar rinses (cold of course). the help keep the scalp fertile hehe



    i did daily scalp massage, and used an oil when i did the scalp massage. i also take a b complex vitamin, not sure how much that helped, but helps me stay calm somehow.




    got my order of this and happy with it so far. thanks for the review


    Jamel Higginbotham

    just got my soap today, will post about it as i got it for hair fall. im also taking b-complex, went on the protein diet to fix my hormone problem and now going to do scalp massage and the soap regularly.



    For me i didnt notice too much of a difference after one month (got worried when everyone was say within weeks) but gradually hair fall stopped after about 2 months.
    So can take a while for some.



    Inflammation effects from my understanding should be immediate @Sabeenidra . The only thing that can prevent that is if you really have a lot of inflammation constantly in the scalp through general lifetsyle habits.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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