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    Hello everyone – just wanted to ask if anyone has tried the Zeavive cream? I am looking for first hand-reviews as I know people in this forum can be brutal and skeptical, and I know if it passes from your side, then I will definitely have to try it.




    Zeavive is a real class A product. They won the LA health award as well; that’s where I know the cream from.

    I only use it in small amounts or for emergency times when I feel ugly lol but it’s a great cream and worth the money. It used to be┬ámuch more expensive before than what it is now.



    I stock this cream in my clinic, and it works very well for certain skin and scalp conditions.



    I have used the cream, it helped stopped my inflammation (Psoriasis) and it fully stopped it.

    Glad I found it, as I have tried all those stupid medicated creams and steroid creams that did f**k all.


    amina chan

    I’ve used this cream too! Been using it for a few months now for my chronic plaque psoriasis. It’s the best thing I’ve ever used- and trust me, in 12 years of psoriasis, you manage to use a lot of weird and wonderful things!

    With Zeavive, every plaque that I’ve used it regularly on, disappears completely within a few weeks or months (depending on size and depth of the patch) and those plaques never come back! I used very small amounts, so thinly spread on each plaque, and that did the trick. It lasted for months and months this way! I’ve just ordered a new tub to tackle the scalp now after using the other to clear all the patches on my body (except one small one which I kept picking- oops!). And even on my scalp it’s shown just as strong results as elsewhere, just as they say on the main site. I’d only suggest, anyone with long thick hair like me, probably best to get someone else to apply it on hard to see areas as it can be applied more effectively on the skin of the scalp itself, instead of the hair!

    I’ve found with the usual corticosteroids prescribed by the GP, the plaque goes quickly but comes back with a vengeance soon enough and then it spreads, exacerbating my psoriasis. Other remedies I’ve tried (like tea based salves, emollients, aloe vera etc) often improve appearance, sometimes dramatically so, but don’t actually resolve the plaque, as a day or 2 without using them makes it come back! Zeavive is definitely not like any of these.

    So for me, Zeavive has been a cut above all the others, and I can not recommend this enough, especially to those with psoriasis like me!

    hope this helps :D


    Lady Tsunade

    got this cream for my dad a month ago. He’s used steroid creams and systemic treatment for his psoriasis and the condition is in remission at the moment, but there’s some resistant plaques that he wanted to use this cream on. even though he’s been using it for a month, regularly, the results aren’t as quick as with systemic treatment, although there is still definitely improvement- especially on the scalp. anyone know why this could be? would appreciate some insight please!


    amina chan

    @Lady Tsunade, In my personal experience, the psoriasis patches which took the longest to heal up fully with the cream were ones which were older and I had used a broad range of steroid creams on them over time. It’s just a hypothesis but I think the immune supression effect of the creams, although seemingly beneficial to may plaques disappear fast, is actually something which leads to slower recovery with the Zeavive. I believe Zeavive works by strengthening the skin cells and thus allowing the skin itself to regenerate- steroids would make this more difficult as they not only cause immunosupression but also cause skin thinning. The extent of this depends on potency used, and systemic steroids are actually the ones with the worst side effects of this nature.

    Having said that, as long as your dad continues to apply the cream regularly- just a thin layer is needed- any resistant plaques should also go away. It’s important to understand that the cream is working on a deeper level so sometimes outward results take a while to become evident. But encourage him and remind him to be patient because honestly, allowing the extra time for Zeavive to work is going to save him a hell of a lot of side effects, wasted time and energy that comes with repeated lots of intense steroids and systemic retinoids etc. for plaques which will inevitably recur with these treatments.

    I hope that provided some extra info, at least from my personal experience, research and understanding. if anyone else has any experience please correct me if im wrong!


    Lady Tsunade

    Thank you so much for the thorough reply, I think that makes sense now. I will make sure he continues to use it on a regular basis. Thanks!

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